Monday, December 26, 2011

Lake Pine in Winter

Walking around Lake Pine in the winter is still beautiful. Many of the trees have lost their leaves, except the stubborn Beech Trees, who hold their serrated  light beige leaves with tenacity despite the winds and changing temperatures. Seeing between the trunks and branches the lay of the land is visible now. All the little hills and valleys and make up the slopes of the lake.

This past weekend when we walked the dog around Lake Pine, we noticed that the lake looked a little like a hand in a mitten. Take a look for yourself next time you see the signs with the map on it.

We still think the colored images on the path way should have numbers added, so that there is a unique number that exactly represents where a person is on the path. Some people may not see the colored images, or recognize them. Numbers are universal, and would add to the ability to quickly communicate where someone was who needed help.


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