Friday, March 20, 2009

Pat Adolphi and Dash Remembered on St. Patty's Day

At the east far side of the lake, next to a pond with a fountain, a bunch of us Lake Pine walkers contributed to a bench and a bush to remember Pat Adolphi and his mastiff Dash.

It'd been a while since I'd been at the lake. As I turned the bend to the right where you can see the bench, there were bright green decorations in the bush and a basket of bright plants on the bench. Someone was remembering Pat.

It reminded me not to take this walk for granted. It reminded me that there is community in the walkers around the lake. Maybe some people will feel glad that my beagle and I walk about the lake. Thankful for the laughs they get when my beagle wants to turn around half way around the lake and refused to go forward.

That day I saw the lake as if I hadn't seen it before. The expanse of it. The wide swath of wooded hills around it. The turtles suspended in the water, just their heads sticking out. The duck couple sleeping on the turtle tree on the western cove of the lake.

There is work in the works. Several areas were cordonned off for repairs. It's getting better and better. I didn't even mind the bike riders speeding by, their interruption only moments long.

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