Monday, May 26, 2008

Lake Pine Walkers Help Find Lost Beagle

I just found this note in a 5/12/08 Post in Raleigh Craiglist Lost and Found.
Here's celebrating the collaboration of strangers!

The 5/12/2008 note said:

"I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who helped me find my beagle at Lake Pine this morning. I was scared to death that he was lost but because of the many nice people at the Lake this morning I was able to run to catch up with him as someone kept him from running further.

I couldn't help but compare it to the twilight bark from 101 Dalmations! I lost him behind the ball fields and was looking for him in the parking lot when I asked a biker if he had seem him. The biker not only told me where he was, but he turned around and rode halfway across the lake to let the people who were trying to catch him that I was on my way. I was touched that so many people helped me this morning and am thankful to live in such a wonderful community.

Special thanks to the biker and the woman with the twins and all of the others who pointed me in the right direction."

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